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The best thing about online dating? The endless choices! You literally have the dating pool of the entire world (okay, maybe just your city + a radius of about 50 miles in any direction, but still) at your fingertips. You get to decide who you want to talk to and who is staying in the internet abyss, all from the comfort of your home. The worst thing about online dating? The endless choices! All the people you're scrolling and swiping through are probably doing the exact same thing you’re doing - and if your profile isn’t standing out or making the right impression, the love of your life could scroll right past you. So, how do you get seen in this online dating world?

The Profile Picture

This one should go without saying, yet here we are. The first thing that people are going to see is that awesome photo of you, so make sure that it's extra awesome! How? Well, start with a picture that’s recent - we’re talking within the last six months - and representative of any major changes such as hair cuts or color. Try to avoid group pictures. Next, make sure that the picture is showing off your personality. If you’re goofy and fun, make sure your picture shows off that personality trait. Love the outdoors? Make sure everyone can see your adventurous side. Lastly, make sure that the people can see your gorgeous face! Great lighting and flattering angles have never hurt anyone’s cause. Just don’t go full eighties glamour shot.

Now Shine in the About Section!

You know that “About Me” section that everyone seems to skip over? Go for the extra credit and fill it out. Really give it your all. This is a great place to stand out from everyone talking about what they’re looking for (save that for the first conversation) and ask a thought provoking question, tell a corny joke, or even explain that crazy profile picture. This is where you show that you’re an interesting person that everyone on the internet should get to know. Just be sure to keep it brief, lest people get bored reading it or start to think that you’re a total narcissist.

Get Some Help

What are friends for if not to help you craft the perfect online dating profile? Run a couple of “About Me” lines past your closest friends who you know wouldn’t steer you wrong. Your besties will tell you which picture to use and they’ll also help you pick potential matches so it’s a double reward! Give a trusted advisor a quick call or text and ask if your intended message is coming through the screen.
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